Looking for talent: Programme assistant FGG Alliance (24 hours)

image about Looking for talent: Programme assistant FGG Alliance (24 hours)

Are you passionate to contribute your part to systemic change for people and the planet? Does it give you energy to organise, to take minutes at inspiring meetings, to keep planning and reporting processes going, and to facilitate smooth collaboration? Do you want to gain experience working for an Alliance of six Dutch NGOs active in the area of social and environmental justice?

The Fair, Green and Global Alliance is looking for a Programme assistant (24 hours)

For the coordination team, extra assistance is sought. The programme assistant is primarily responsible for administrative support; supporting the timely planning and reporting towards the Ministry; organisational and logistical support for mostly internal meetings; and minute-taking at meetings.

We'd like you to have:

  • Affinity with the vision and objectives of the FGG Alliance;
  • Excellent communication skills and teambuilding skills;
  • Ability to work and think creatively, independently, pro-actively;
  • Ability to work in an organised manner;
  • Ability to learn quickly and to navigate well in complex situations;
  • Excellent language skills in both Dutch and English;
  • Experience with activist organisations and/or consortiums of organisations will be an added value.

Please note that we value different backgrounds and cultures in our alliance. Both ENDS works together with the Expertise Center for Diversity:

We offer

  •  An engaging, professional and networked environment;
  •  A position for 24 hours/week (in principle Monday-Tuesday-Thursday), based in Amsterdam;
  •  The opportunity to gain experience in the non-profit sector;
  •  The opportunity to get to know a whole lot of wonderful colleagues at the six alliance member organisations in the Netherlands, as together with other team members you would be traveling Amsterdam and work from the different offices (with your own desk at Both ENDS);
  •  A contract from July to December 2020, with possible extension (depending on future funding).

How to apply

Do you have questions about the vacancy or the procedure? Let Karine know: Applications consisting of a CV and motivation letter, in one single PDF file, can be sent to before May 14, 2020. The first round of interviews will be held between May 18-22, 2020. If necessary, a second round of interviews will take place between May 25-29, 2020.

Your details will be deleted after the application procedure has been completed.

Then a little bit more about our analysis & aims:

What's going on in the world?

People around the world experience on a daily basis how certain policies and practices lead to violations of their basic human rights and to environmental destruction. Civic space is shrinking (if it ever existed), the climate crisis is worsening, and biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate.

For all these problems, solutions in the form of alternative practices and policies are already being developed and promoted by our partner organisations, and to some extent implemented by decision-makers. Change is happening, and more and more people are joining the movement that is shaping our fair and green future.

What to do about it?

We are convinced that part of the answers to these problems lie in:

    the conduct of large corporations - which need to be better regulated and held accountable,
    the way that governments formulate trade and investment agreements - which should be geared towards social and environmental justice, and towards a just transition to democratically-controlled economies, including food and energy systems,
    and (a re)organisation of global and national-level financial and tax systems - which should serve the public interest.

The Fair, Green and Global Alliance implements a global programme that fosters change of these systems. To effectively work towards such positive change, we are convinced that inclusive movements - with strong participation of women, youth, people of colour, and LGBTQI+ people - are essential. The Alliance therefore works with diverse organisations and people to find solutions to their problems and to upscale the good practices that they've developed. Together we want to ensure that policies are formulated and effectively implemented that protect their rights and livelihoods. Space for civil society actors to act safely and freely is a prerequisite for us to be able to do our jobs. Through mutual capacity development we aim to create or increase this civic space.

The Fair, Green and Global Alliance partners up with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs through a 'Strategic Partnership for Dialogue and Dissent', which started in 2016 and runs until end 2020. We are applying for post-2020 funding.