International collaboration is complex, full of nuance, insights, dynamics and serves a diverse spectrum of interests. FGG brings stories that shed light on the struggles, complexities and successes that accompany our mission.


image about Palestinian women GROW own sustainable energy

Palestinian women GROW own sustainable energy

A group of Palestinian women reclaimed souvereinty over their energy supply. Together they engaged with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Women and the Ministry of Economy to advocate for the empowerment of women in the energy sector and for gender sensitive energy laws. They discussed the obstacles women face in this sector and what opportunities could empower them. This resulted in the Ministry of Energy launching a new project called ‘GROW’, meant to support initiatives by women in the area of renewable energy.


image about The digital divide

The digital divide

Digitalisation is one of the biggest transformations in our societies. Executive director at IT for Change, Parminder Jeet Singh states that social and economical inequalities are causing and increasing a digital divide. IT for Change in India is an important strategic partner for the FGG Alliance regarding the issues concerned with digitalisation and gender.


image about The story of FGG

The story of FGG

In 2009 Both ENDS, ActionAid Netherlands, the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), Clean Clothes Campaign, Milieudefensie and the Transnational Institute (TNI) joined forces to develop an ambitious and innovative collaboration aimed at advancing socially just and environmentally sustainable societies worldwide. The Fair, Green and Global Alliance was born.